5 simple ways to improve your customer service:

Posted on 7/28/2016

Be a great listener: The first step to providing great customer service is to fully understand your client’s question or issue. This is accomplished by listening. Too often we offer advice too quickly and potentially miss valuable feedback and details that will help to ultimately resolve the issue at hand.

Be friendly: A positive and can-do attitude will put your customer at ease and ensure that they have a pleasant experience while addressing their needs. Remember to smile!

Be patient: One of the best qualities of a customer service interaction is the compassion shown by you! You have to remember that the customer is coming to you seeking your advice or expertise and that requires understanding. Ask questions and get to know the person behind the request!

Be thorough: Offer a detailed explanation of the solution and be sure that the customer understands any action steps they might need to take in order to fully address and resolve their issue. Obtain confirmation that the issue was resolved on their end prior to closing the support request.

Be the expert: It may seem obvious but customers rely on your knowledge and expertise of your own product. Take the time to learn and understand the nuances of your own solution and know who to turn to if you need help finding the right answer. Ultimately you want to be the go-to resource for your clients whether you know the answer up front or it takes more research on your part. Either way the customer will appreciate the hard work and effort put forth to ensure they receive the support they need.

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