Defining Level of Care

Posted on 9/15/2014

Your community is renowned for your hospitality and the many types of care you offer to families. But how does one really define what type of care they may need? What guidance can I bring to families that will match their needs to our services?

Primarily for those in contact with the families, it’s a true talent to be able to listen to the concerns of the family while understanding that sales goals need to be met. To help alleviate some of the stress of balancing both those sides, one community recommends to inquirers that they make a list:

“We recommend making a list with someone you trust of what you need and want. For example, you may need assistance with washing and changing the linens on your bed and preparing one meal per day. You’d like to have help with other light housekeeping chores weekly, and it would be nice if you could have transportation to and from your primary care doctor for occasional appointments.

No matter how big or small your list is, bring it up with the person you’re working on your move with, and ask them how these needs can be met. They will be glad you brought them up and provide you with what needs can be met, at what cost, what may be included or not, and what they cannot accommodate. (Chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find a need that can’t be met.) You might even find that many of the services you want are included in rent depending on what part of the senior living community your apartment will be in” (Three Pillars Senior Community Blog).

With good intentions, it is always best to go over such a list and show physically which characteristics fit into which appropriate care type and which things you can also add into their stay as an “add-on”. By helping them see how you can provide for their wants and needs, it brings them a sense of relief that their loved one is in good hands.

You’ve Got Leads users are able to keep track of all of this information in one place. They have peace of mind knowing the family’s needs, wants and detailed communication will be efficiently tracked in each individual record’s tasks and notes section. Also, the leads profile, or “master record” prompts the user to recall the important questions to ask, and provides an organized method to track these critical pieces of information throughout the family’s inquiry and search process.

Families along with the YGL team appreciate your compassion and all the hard work you do for our loved ones. We strive to make these processes easier for you so that you can focus on your work and your organization can really see you shine.

-Amanda Lim You’ve Got Leads Support Team Member

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