Important You've Got Leads Billing Notice

Posted on 12/16/2014


Please forward this notice on to an accounts payable supervisor for your community or group. These changes affect how your organization pays for You’ve Got Leads service.

Dear Valued YGL Partner:

Our billing system is changing. What you need to know:

* As of February 1, 2015 YGL is moving to an automated billing system.
* YGL invoices will be sent to the customer electronically over email. No more paper-based invoices will be sent.
* Payment of YGL invoices will be processed via credit card or ACH debit. Expect further communication this month regarding how to provide your credit or debit card information to the new You’ve Got Leads billing system.
* Along with the new billing system YGL is moving to pre-pay (vs. in arrears) as of Feb 1, 2015.
* To alleviate the impact of two invoices being due at once customers will have until Feb 15th to remit payment for their final in arrears invoice for January’s usage. The initial pre-pay and automated invoice will be received and processed on Feb 1st.

This new automated method of billing will facilitate more consistent, complete and accurate information. Less time chasing paper will ensure that payment information is accessible to the right personnel quickly so they can take the necessary action and move on to other tasks.

Thank you for your attention to this change and please feel free to reach out to us with questions.

The YGL Team
(p): (866) 333-0789

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