You've Got Leads API

Making your CRM data work for you.


The YGL 2.0 API enables access to your lead, contact, and source data. It uses Basic HTML Authentication over SSL to securely authenticate you and protect your data.

With YGL 2.0 API, you will be able to:

  • Query your leads using oData filters on every field returned by the API
  • Query for recently changed leads
  • Find information about your properties in YGL

The documentation will help you get started accessing your data. To get access to the API please contact YGL Support.


For collections, the results are limited to 500 results per request. If you receive 500 entities, you can assume that there are more. To request more, use the OData $skip query string parameter. For example, if you queried, and it returned 500 leads, you could get the next set by asking for$skip=500.