You've Got Leads API

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The users endpoint provides access to a single community's users. This information can be helpful to determine which users to assign tasks and leads to.


Name Method Description
/api/properties/{PropertyId}/users GET Retrieve informationa about all users for a community. This includes property-level users and region/divion/corporate users that have access to the community.
/api/properties/{PropertyId}/users/{username} GET Retrieve information about a specific user associated with the community.

Request/Response Objects

The user object id returned by a call to the users endpoint.


Name Type Description
Username string This is the unique identifier for the user
FirstName string The first name of the user
LastName string The last name of the user
Role string The role of the user, either Property, Region, Division, or Corporate
UsersId int The unique ID of the user, used when creating tasks (OwnerId)