10 Tips for Researching Lead Management Programs

Posted on 2/23/2015

Your marketing efforts have paid off and your organization is securing more quality leads than ever – great job!

An essential question now is how do you ensure that each lead receives the nurturing and attention it deserves? Ultimately the decision is made to adopt a better and more efficient method of tracking these valuable leads.

In this age of new and developing technology, companies are presented with more and more program choices which undoubtedly holds true in the realm of CRMs. Conducting extensive research and wading through the sea of potential solutions can be intimidating. Below are several points to keep in mind if you find yourself charged with the task of pinpointing an effective lead tracking solution for your company:

1. This should not be viewed as an ‘IT project’. Sales & marketing professionals will be the individuals using the program every day.
2. Most programs offer a free, online demo. Schedule and invite the eventual users of the program to the presentation.
3. Ease of use should be a chief consideration. If the application is too complicated end-users will not embrace the tool and therefore good data will not be entered consistently.
4. Often organizations are better off adopting a CRM specific to their industry. Work-flow and functionality is already geared for their business so less costly customization.
5. Software as a Service (SaaS) model or on-site. Hosted solutions are becoming more and more popular because the host company assumes nearly the entire IT burden saving the customer significant time, development resources and money.
6. Security and HIPAA Compliance. In the Senior Care Industry a heightened level of security is needed due to the PHI information that will be entered into the system.
7. What is the potential system’s reporting capabilities? And how easy is it to run reports? Are they real-time? Do the reports automatically roll-up by community, region, division and corporate?
8. Cost: Monthly license? One-time fees? Time-frame to implement.
9. How will my people get trained on the new program? How does the CRM provider support its users?
10. Best-of-breed application vs. Integrated Suite. With the API (application programming interface) technology available today, integration across applications makes it possible to choose a best of breed solution. There is no longer a need to compromise and adopt a sub-par lead tracking system just because it’s attached to a billing and or clinical program.

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