Product Tour

Key Feature // Dashboard

If you can navigate this website, you can learn to effectively use the You’ve Got Leads program. It’s that easy! YGL maintains a straightforward and logical workflow with easy to understand navigational tabs containing your leads, tasks, sources, inventory, and reports. Each section in YGL was purposefully designed to contain similar search capabilities which help users become familiar with the program quickly.

Key Feature // inquiry contact form

Adding leads to YGL is extremely easy and intuitive and saves primary contact, resident info, and additional contact information in one place. No need to juggle multiple screens to track relevant contact information associated with the same lead. Critical lead qualification data is tracked in a few minutes including any valuable and detailed notes, all on one form.

Key Feature // Lead search

What about when you have hundreds or even thousands of lead records in your data base? YGL makes it easy to locate specific information quickly through industry specific lead search filters. Users can easily find any lead, or group of leads, based upon common search parameters such as: open leads, moved in leads, A, B, C leads, pre and post tour leads, and many more.

Key Feature // Task Manager & Calendar

You’ve Got Leads users stay on top of every critical follow-up activity to each valuable lead and referral source by maintaining a to-do list in YGL’s Task Manager and dynamic calendar features. Users can schedule tasks with a start time and duration to distinguish calendar items from general follow up tasks. Users can also activate the handy automatic task-stop feature which ensures a next step is scheduled before leaving any open lead’s task page.

Key Feature // Source Management

Along with comprehensive Lead management You’ve Got Leads gives users the tools to maintain full engagement with every valuable referral source as well. YGL will automatically rank your referral sources based upon the quality of leads they refer, letting you know which sources provide leads that actually convert!

Key Feature // Inventory

Maintain full control and management visibility of your unit activity and occupancy with YGL’s intuitive Inventory and Occupancy feature. Simply create your unit inventory, and begin tracking moves and transfer tasks; inventory and occupancy reports will take care of themselves!

Key Feature // Reports

With You’ve Got Leads! you’ll gain immediate management visibility and the confidence that every lead, every referral source, and every associated task will be efficiently tracked each step of the way from Inquiry to Tour to Deposit to Move-in.

Our industry-leading, reporting delivers critical, up-to-the-minute sales analysis at the Community Level plus real-time “roll ups” from region to corporate. Monitoring the up-to-the-minute effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns is now possible anywhere you have internet access.

Real-time reports available in the You’ve Got Leads program:

Inventory & Occupancy Report

  • Inventory Report
  • Occupancy and Vacancy
  • Resident and Apartment Activity Detail
  • Moves, Deposits, and Transfers By Care Type

Activity Reports

  • Activity Report by week
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Task Report: Incomplete
  • Task Report: Complete

Conversion Rates

  • Conversion Rate Summary
  • Conversion Rate Comparison
  • Conversion Rate Trend By Month
  • Conversion Rate Detail

Utilization Reports

  • User Activity: Last 7 Days
  • Utilization Report by Community

Lead Status Reports

  • Occupancy Activity Detail
  • Sales Pipeline Report
  • Detailed Sales Pipeline
  • Duplicate Lead Check
  • Scheduled Move Ins
  • Move In Report
  • Net Moves
  • Move Out Report
  • Projected Moves
  • Deposits-History
  • Deposits-Current
  • Funding Source Analysis
  • Lost Lead Analysis

Lead Sources and Community Outreach

  • Lead Source Analysis
  • Lead Source Analysis – Advertising ROI
  • Lead Source Analysis – Special Events ROI
  • Lead Source Analysis Trend By Month
  • Lead Source Detail
  • Lead Source Professional Detail
  • Inquiry Detail by Source
  • Move Detail by Source
  • Outreach Management Report
  • Professional Referral Source – Stack-rank

Testimonials | Reviews from our customers

I have been in the senior living profession for many years and have worked with several different programs with a few companies. I have recently been able to switch back to You’ve Got Leads and I am so happy. I find it very user friendly for our whole team. Very simple to use and time efficient. The team at you’ve Got Leads responds very quickly to your questions and or requests as well. I would highly recommend it!

Cathy Fallon-Weeg
Marketing Director
Powell Valley Assisted Living & Memory Care Community

After using YGL for about one month now I’ve found: The ease of navigating from leads to sources is a much smoother process which means that I’m more likely to enter referral source information rather than procrastinate or never get around to doing so.

Again, I’ve only using YGL for a short time, but I am feeling more organized and productive.

Birgit Moran
Community Relations Director
Willowbrook Place, Anthem Memory Care

As we continue to use YGL, we’re particularly enthusiastic about the new API options that allow us to auto-populate leads from multiple referral sources into one interface, allowing us to better manage and analyze customer needs and opportunities.

Danielle DiMatteo
Director of Sales and Marketing
Sunshine Retirement