Corporate Solutions

You’ve Got Leads! offers a high-level look at all of your company’s properties by merging the data and allowing you to extract the information you need. Our online support system can turn leads into move-ins.

This Web-based program can determine why so many leads result in so few move-ins. Discover what happens to all of those opportunities. Are they followed up on in a timely and consistent manner, or have they slipped away to a competitor?

With You've Got Leads! you will provide a helpful tool for your sales staff and have the ability to follow their progress.

You've Got Leads! allows you to monitor these critical elements:

  • The top three reasons residents don't move into your community
  • Where the "lost to competitor" tours go and why they did not choose your community
  • The number of tours averaged last year and how that compares to today
  • The trend in walk-in traffic
  • Your conversion of inquiries to tours
  • How many sales calls it takes to obtain a referral from a professional source and which referral sources give you the most move-ins
  • Your last sales calls to each of your top 10 sources
  • Follow-up tasks for your sales directors with families and referral sources
  • Exactly how many move-ins, not deposits, are scheduled next month and the percentage of your deposits that actually move in You've Got Leads! is the online tool to provide you with the answer to these questions. Take the first step toward improving your census.

Call us at 1-866-333-0789 to schedule a demonstration.

Testimonials | Reviews from our customers

I have been in the senior living profession for many years and have worked with several different programs with a few companies. I have recently been able to switch back to You’ve Got Leads and I am so happy. I find it very user friendly for our whole team. Very simple to use and time efficient. The team at you’ve Got Leads responds very quickly to your questions and or requests as well. I would highly recommend it!

Cathy Fallon-Weeg
Marketing Director
Powell Valley Assisted Living & Memory Care Community

After using YGL for about one month now I’ve found: The ease of navigating from leads to sources is a much smoother process which means that I’m more likely to enter referral source information rather than procrastinate or never get around to doing so.

Again, I’ve only using YGL for a short time, but I am feeling more organized and productive.

Birgit Moran
Community Relations Director
Willowbrook Place, Anthem Memory Care

As we continue to use YGL, we’re particularly enthusiastic about the new API options that allow us to auto-populate leads from multiple referral sources into one interface, allowing us to better manage and analyze customer needs and opportunities.

Danielle DiMatteo
Director of Sales and Marketing
Sunshine Retirement