Referral Source Tracking

Manage and develop your referral sources.

In most businesses, word of mouth is important. In eldercare, it's vital. Now you can harness the power of your referral sources. You've Got Leads! provides the tools to track the most effective ways to improve your occupancy. Now you can see where your business is coming from and streamline marketing efforts accordingly.


Strengthen relationships with the people and organizations that help your business the most. This tool will lead you to the physicians, hospitals, social workers, and other senior housing communities that support your residence. With the power of this information, you can build even better relationships on an individual level and increase your referrals.


Track the results of advertising and see how they translate to leads. This allows you to make informed and targeted buying decisions and extend your marketing dollar.

Special Events

Find out just how successful your events have been with You've Got Leads! Track tours and new residents brought in by the event. Discover what is working and what is not.

Yellow Pages

How many prospects found you in the Yellow Pages? Is it worth the money to buy a bigger ad? You've Got Leads! can give you the answer. Internet, PR, drive-by, friends, and more! - Discover the power of the only program that has all the major senior housing referral sources built in and at your fingertips. No need to spend your time customizing a program. With You've Got Leads! you are ready to go.