API's and the Cloud

Posted by YGL Team on 3/1/2016

The meaning of 'cloud' computing and API

I think we’re all in agreement that cloud computing is here to stay. Web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS), and hosted are terms that have become increasingly familiar over the past decade. So what does “in the cloud” actually mean? To put it succinctly, the cloud is an intricate web of interconnected global services working together to bring you data…pretty vague, right? To further clarify, you begin with a hosting environment or the “home” of the cloud. This is where your physical resources, such as servers, are actually stored and kept safe and secure. This is just the first part however. In addition to these physical resources there are applications, data processing, and end-user information that must all connect for particular cloud-based services.

So how does this cloud connection take place so that secure data is delivered over multiple applications? That’s where the contemporary API (Application Programming Interface) comes in to play. Service-based APIs and connectivity tools allow different applications to integrate and share data to better utilize resources. You’ve Got Leads is pleased to announce the official launch of its new API. This advanced data import/export API functionality ensures a smooth flow of information between YGL and a host of other software packages.

To find out more about YGL’s API services go Here.

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